Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An e-mail worth sharing

I just got an e-mail from a reader and I thought I'd share it here

I just want to say that many of us who are even mildly religious are ignorant of our worships.
Our worships are pale in comparison to the many heroes you mention.
I was at the mosque the other day and reading my tasbeeh of alhamdu-lillah. Then I saw a man come in and he was handicapped and didnt have a leg. Immediatly my alhamdu-lillah meant something. Seeing this man made me realize that my alhamdu-lillah should be more then a routine tasbeeh, we must list all the things we should be thanking Allah for. But sadly we wont have the time because there is too much to thank for.
I hope that I can achieve this kind of worship everyday but the feeling rarely comes to me.

Its touching what this man felt. I too must strive for this kind of worship where your heart is 100% involved and you are not merely saying words in arabic.

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